Vitor Valente

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Yaw Ready for This? UAS 3D Mapping Innovation through Research and Prize Challenges

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Vitor Valente

Soteria Flight Technologies, Autonomous Robotics Competition Club (ARCC PSU)

Vitor T. Valente has been a doctoral student in PURL since Fall 2019. He holds a bachelor’s in Control and Automation Engineering from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering within the same university. His research focused on developing a controller for a hydraulic driven parallel manipulator focusing on attenuating sea waves. He is currently investigating a new flight control system design for multirotor vehicles focusing on reducing the acoustic noise generated while in flight as part of his dissertation. His research interests also include reconfigurable uncrewed aerial vehicles, state estimation and control system design for robotics, and autonomous vehicles. He is affiliated to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Vertical Flight Society.