What 5x5 Offers

What 5x5 offers

Are you interested in attending 5x5: The Public Safety Innovation Summit? Check out these four key benefits of 5x5:


5x5 attracts leaders from public safety, industry, academia, and government who are passionate about public safety communications. They come together to present diverse perspectives and discuss practical solutions for familiar problems and explore how technology is evolving for public safety. At 5x5, you will build a international network of colleagues tackling the same issues you care about.

Technology Demonstrations

5x5 is an interactive summit offering more than 70 live demos. Our handpicked technology demonstrations showcase the latest advancements in mission critical services, situational awareness, public safety operations, user interface/user experience, and more. By attending 5x5, you will gain first-hand experience with the latest in public safety technology, including technology that is still in developmental and testing phases and can engage with the researchers behind it all.

Professional Learning

At 5x5 you can select from over 50 keynotes, plenaries, and breakout sessions. Each session provides insight into key topic areas from public safety communications. You will also have plenty of time for one-on-one conversations with our speakers, demo hosts, and with staff representatives from the First Responder Network Authority and NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Division to provide feedback and ask any questions you may have.

New Frontiers

In emergency response, every second counts — the latest technology can make a significant difference. Attending 5x5 will broaden your perspective of emergency communications technology and what is possible, now and in the future. By the end of the summit, you will be able to transfer problem-solving ideas and lessons learned from demos and sessions to your area of expertise,  discover new opportunities for research and development, and inform focus areas and priorities for NIST PSCR and the FirstNet Authority.

5x5 takeaways for your organization

Here are a few things to consider as you talk to your leadership about why you want to attend:

Describe the ROI of attending. Explain how you will:

  • Discover the latest public safety communications solutions
  • Learn tips for operationalizing new technology
  • Find new opportunities for research and development
  • Connect with leaders in public safety technology

Highlight educational opportunities for you — and for your team. Offer to deliver a short presentation of what you learned to staff and leadership.

Share our full agenda. 5x5 will feature keynote sessions from public safety leaders, tech demos, plenaries, and breakout sessions on hot topics like augmented reality, mission critical services, uncrewed aircraft systems, and AI. Share the details with your leadership to show what you will gain by attending 5x5.

Offer to share materials and contacts. As a participant, you will have access to exclusive materials, such as handouts, flyers, and business cards, that you can share with your teammates to build connections and expand awareness.

Describe how you will make a positive impact. 5x5 is focused on building the future of public safety communications. Researchers, developers, and public safety professionals will use these three days to collaborate and share ideas. Your participation can make a real difference in how public safety technologies evolve.