5×5 App

This year’s app will be provided by Guidebook, which is available on Apple App Store or Google Play.

All registrants will receive an email invitation from “5×5:  The Public Safety Innovat… <invitations@guidebook.com>” to the 5×5-specific summit guide beginning June 12. Be sure to check your spam/junk mail!

Your email invitation will provide a link to download the app on your iOS or Android device. Please note: if your organization uses mobile device management (MDM), you will need to download the app from your organization’s app store or portal.

After opening the app, the 5×5 guide will automatically open. Sign in with the email address you used for 5×5 registration to access the guide and learn all about this year’s 5×5 summit!

Quick How-to 

  • Download Guidebook from your device’s app store
  • Open the email invite from Guidebook to access the 5×5 guide
  • Set up your account
  • If the 5×5 guide doesn’t automatically open, you can locate it under “My Guides”
  • Customize your schedule and network with other attendees!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go for help if I cannot find the email?

Email 5×5@FirstNet.gov, and the team will resend the application invitation.

What if I want to set up my account with a different email?

Send an email to 5×5@FirstNet.gov with your preferred email address.

What address will the email come from?

The email invitation will come from “5×5:  The Public Safety Innovat… <invitations@guidebook.com>.”

What do I do if the 5×5 Guide does not automatically open?

Within the Guidebook application, search under “My Guides” for 5×5. If this does not work, please email 5×5@FirstNet.gov, and the team will resend the guide invitation.

Is there a paper agenda?

5×5 is environmentally friendly, and there are no paper agendas. Alternatively, visit 5×5.FirstNet.gov/overview to access a web version of the agenda.

Do I have to download this app?

We strongly encourage you to download the application to have the best user experience. With the app, you can identify sessions, build your own schedule, and connect with other attendees.

Am I required to make a profile to access the 5×5 Guide in Guidebook?

Yes, the guide is invite-only and requires creating a profile. However, you can choose to make your profile private.

What if I want to be taken off the list?

Your email address will only be used to invite you to the application and for no other purpose. If desired, email 5×5@FirstNet.gov, and the team will remove your email from the invitation.