Vikas Mehrotra

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Zebra's 5G FirstNet Capable handhelds and tablets

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Vikas Mehrotra

Zebra Technologies

Vikas Mehrotra is an Advanced Product Manager with 20 years of experience in product management and the government sector at Motorola, Motorola Solutions, and GE Healthcare. He has expertise in defining platforms, devices, applications and cloud requirements for audio, data, and video applications; as well as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning implementation on edge or in hybrid environments. He has collaborated with various U.S. carriers, including FirstNet, and worked with various global carriers (Telstra, KPN, Orange etc.) on implementation of various mission critical applications for public safety and health care on mobile devices and tablets. Vikas’ current focus at Zebra is on new commercial off-the-shelf innovative solutions on mobile devices and tablets for various global Department of Defense, Federal, and SLED agencies. Vikas has a Master in Business Administration from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in computer science from Loyola University.