Vihang Jani

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FirstNet Mini Compact Rapid Deployable (miniCRD)

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Vihang Jani

System Test Engineer
FirstNet Authority

Vihang is a System Test Engineer with the First Responder Network Authority. He has over 20 years of experience in 2G/3G/4G/5G cellular technology, interoperability, and critical telecom infrastructure experience. He has been engaged in mission critical public safety communications for more than five years.

Vihang holds a Master of Science in computer science and engineering from the University of Texas in Arlington. During his career in cellular networks R&D, Vihang has been recognized with Ace of Heart Award in interoperability. Vihang has extensive experience in Inter-Vendor Verification and interoperability. He also has worked with IP Multimedia Subsystems/Voice over Long Term Evolution and architecting Internet of Things solutions in the railroad industry. Vihang is involved in end-to-end Quality of Service/Priority for public safety and third party research efforts on FirstNet capabilities with external partners across industry, academia, government.