Paul R. Patrick

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Bridging the Distance Divide: Using FirstNet to Bring Care to Rural Communities

About this Speaker

Paul R. Patrick

Division Director, Family Health and Preparedness
Utah Department of Health, FirstNet Authority Board

Paul R. Patrick was the former State of Utah Emergency Medical System (EMS) Director from 2006 to 2016 when he became the Director of Utah’s Family Health and Preparedness Division which oversees the Office of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness. He is also very proud of his Native American heritage since his great, great, grandmother was from the United Keetoowa Band of the Cherokee Tribe. Because of this heritage, he is honored to serve as the FirstNet Authority Board’s liaison to the Tribal Working Group of the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC).

Paul is the past president of the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) serving from 2014 to 2016. He currently represents EMS as a member on the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC), the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician’s (NREMT) Board of Directors, and SAFECOM.

As a longstanding advocate for EMS and public safety communications, he has been involved with efforts for the nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN) since its inception. In 2018 he served as the Interim Chair of the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee until his appointment to the FirstNet Authority Board in 2018.