Liza Pierce

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Taking Flight: PSCR’s PULSE Accelerator Pitch Session

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Liza Pierce

Founder and CEO

Liza Pierce, Founder and CEO of Spydar, is an intrepid business professional with previous accomplishments of building businesses in unconventional and challenging sectors. Her active involvement and pioneering spirit have propelled her to venture into areas that many would hesitate to explore. With her enterprising vision and tenacious approach, she navigates through uncharted territories, leveraging her knowledge to identify opportunities and overcome obstacles. Her willingness to embrace risk and push boundaries has enabled her to carve out new paths and drive innovation in unexpected places. Despite the inherent challenges, Liza thrives in environments where others may shy away, using her resilience and resourcefulness to turn adversity into opportunity. Her ability to see potential where others see obstacles inspires confidence and attracts like-minded individuals to join her in pursuit of shared goals. Liza holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from George Mason University.