Sheriff Kristin Graziano

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Livestreaming Body Worn Cameras Improve Officer and Community Safety

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Sheriff Kristin Graziano

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, FirstNet Authority Board

Sheriff Graziano has been a law enforcement veteran for over thirty years, serving the last two decades in Charleston. She served 14 years in Charlottesville, Virginia, prior to coming to Charleston. While in Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Graziano served as an Element Leader and trainer for the SWAT team. She also designed and implemented a uniform response code for active shooter scenarios for Charleston County schools that was later used as a model for the rest of the state. The Sheriff is a 2015 recipient of the Medal of Valor from the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association and a 2011 President’s Award from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association. Additionally, Graziano created a port safety threat analysis for Charleston as part of the Sea Hawk Anti-terrorism Task Force (now known as the Interagency Events Center). She was elected to serve her first term as Sheriff in November 2020.
K. Graziano is a FirstNet Authority board member.