Kate Cummings

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Clearing the Air: The Digital Evolution of Search and Rescue

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Kate Cummings

Operations Lead and Board Chair
Kitsap Co. Washington Explorer Search and Rescue

Kate Cummings has been active in search and rescue since joining the Kitsap County unit of Washington Explorer Search and Rescue (WESAR) in 2002. She currently serves as an operations leader and board chair for Kitsap WESAR and has previously served as unit training coordinator and trailing dog handler. Starting with the Green River searches in the early 2000s, Kate has participated in several hundred missions, including overseeing multiple large-scale searches for both missing persons and criminal evidence.
In addition to her involvement with Kitsap WESAR, Kate serves as chair of the statewide governing WESAR Council and is an incident lead for the Washington State Search and Rescue Planning Unit, where she plans and provides onsite support for search missions throughout Washington state.
Outside of search and rescue, she is a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and has previously worked in Human Resources and Emergency Management, including managing the Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center throughout the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022.