Joel Garner

Joel Garner

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A Broadband Interoperability Platform for First Responder LTE Networks

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Joel Garner

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Catalyst Communications Technologies Inc.

Joel A. Garner is the vice president of sales and marketing with Catalyst Communications Technologies. Joel has been in wireless communications sales and management for 35 years, as a vice president and corporate officer of sales with Fortune 100 companies. Joel began his wireless career with Motorola in 1990 as a two-way radio sales representative, later serving as the vice president of sales for broadband push-to-talk services. Joel worked at Nextel and Sprint for several years as the regional vice president and corporate officer with responsibility for all Sprint Nextel sales in the public sector, across the southeastern United States. Joel represented AT&T as a system solutions architect and mission critical push-to-talk subject matter expert.