Jason Jerald

Jason Jerald

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HazVR: Hazardous Material Training with Virtual Reality

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Jason Jerald

NextGen Interactions and UNC-Greensboro

Jason Jerald, Ph.D., is Chief Executive Officer at NextGen Interactions and serves on multiple advisory boards. He has been creating Virtual Reality (VR) systems and applications for over 20 years with over 70 VR-related projects across more than 40 organizations including Valve, Oculus, Virtuix, Sixense, MergeVR, AT&T, NASA, Google, General Motors, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, three U.S. national laboratories, and seven universities. Jason's work has been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, on the Discovery Channel, in the New York Times, and on the cover of the MIT Press journal Presence. He earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a focus on perception of motion and latency in VR. Jason has authored numerous publications, most notably the best-selling book The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality.