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MCX Conformance Testing and Digital Twin

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Ian Carpenter

Valid8.com Inc.

Ian Carpenter is an experienced and innovative entrepreneur in telecommunication and network testing. During his 27 years of experience, he has traveled worldwide to understand and address the latest telecommunication, public safety communications, and network test challenges for 5G/4G/IMS/Internet of Things/Mission Critical Communications (MCX). He has remained in the forefront of testing and verifying next generation telecommunication and public safety test tools through his technical understanding of the network protocols and test challenges, providing innovative solutions to address the challenges, and helpful supportive service. More recently, he has played an integral role in the development of test technologies for P25, Inter-RF Subsytem Interface (ISSI), Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) and for mission critical services (MCS). He has overseen the evolution of the Valid8 technology to a single solution for testing networks and devices for performance, load and conformance.