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Using FirstNet COAMs and Agency-Driven Solutions to Improve Communications

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Frank Allgood

Public Safety Information Technology City of Chesapeake, VA

R. Franklin Allgood, Jr. is the Public Safety Information Technology Manager for the City of Chesapeake in Virginia. With 12 years in this position, Frank plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless information technology solutions for various essential services. His responsibilities span across the police, fire, 9-1-1 center, sheriff’s office, and the radio system. Frank’s expertise lies in creating innovative and reliable technology solutions that enhance public safety operations. He previously served for 25 years at the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia where he held diverse roles in operations and administration, including two tours leading the Technology Support Unit. Frank is deeply passionate about delivering creative and valuable solutions to Chesapeake’s dedicated public safety staff. His commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good drives his work every day.