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Federal Law Enforcement Use of FirstNet

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Brian Griffith

Deputy Assistant Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation

In September 2020, Brian D. Griffith was named as the deputy assistant director of the Identification and Investigative Services Branch (IISB) in the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division in Clarksburg, West Virginia. In his current position, Mr. Griffith manages the Biometric Services Section (BSS) and Law Enforcement Engagement and Data Sharing (LEEDS) Section.

The BSS provides biometric identification, identity history services, and investigative support to law enforcement and other authorized criminal justice and noncriminal justice agencies.

The mission of LEEDS is to provide support to the law enforcement and intelligence partners through engagement, statistical reporting, audit, training, increased and timely sharing of information, shared management of data, and enhanced biometrics research and development.

Griffith began his career in 1988 as a software engineer with the AT&T Network Services Division in Cincinnati, Ohio. During his time with AT&T he rose to the rank of Systems Manager, overseeing a variety of access ordering and provisioning systems, projects, and corporate initiatives. Mr. Griffith exited AT&T in 1998 to assist with the startup of IntraGlobe, Inc., a San Ramon, California, based software services and consulting firm supporting factory floor automation systems for the North American automotive industry. In 2001, Mr. Griffith joined the Institute for Scientific Research in Fairmont, West Virginia, where he served as the vice president of Programs and Business Development, leading advanced aerospace research and development programs for industry, NASA, and the Department of Defense.

Since entering on duty with the FBI in July of 2010, Mr. Griffith has led a number of FBI initiatives, including UCR Redevelopment and the End-to-End Video Initiative, which embodies the FBI’s modernization of its video infrastructure for digital evidence and video surveillance capabilities. Griffith has inspired and overseen the cloud migration of CJIS services and the strategic methodology transformation to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). He served as the assistant section chief of ITMS, a senior level technical advisor, and then as the section chief of the ITMS prior to his current assignment.