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Bob Fowler

AT&T FirstNet

Bob Fowler has 40 years of experience with telecommunications technology and software serving the needs of public safety, military, and industry. He joined Motorola, a world leader providing mission critical communication solutions to public safety and industry, in 1984. He earned his Master of Business Administration at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 1999.
In addition to a 21-year career at Motorola, Bob previously held product management, sales management and various marketing roles at Leonardo, an international defense contractor and ImageVision Labs a machine learning image recognition start-up.
Bob joined AT&T in 2013 to lead product management for AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk product and currently leads the AT&T FirstNet Mission Critical Services product portfolio, where he oversees product management and development activities. Key areas of focus include leading innovation in the role of lead product manager, managing public safety market requirements and project development, execution and product marketing.