BJ McClenton

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ASSUREd Safe: UAS Training for First Responders and Public Safety Officials

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BJ McClenton

Associate Director

Dr. BJ McClenton, Associate Director of ASSUREd Safe, has 20 years of experience in public safety and emergency response as a firefighter and emergency medical technician. He still serves as his county’s Fire Coordinator. He brought 15 years of experience in adult outreach and education from the Mississippi State University Extension system when joining ASSUREd Safe. Dr. McClenton began utilizing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in 2019 to assist farmers and producers, then began incorporating the technology as a part of his responsibilities as a disaster response strike team leader for the university and state emergency management. He soon began assisting local emergency management agencies and other public safety agencies in their efforts with UAS and training. Now, as Associate Director of ASSUREd Safe, Dr. McClenton combines his experience in emergency response and academia to lead the program and provide repeatable, scalable and relevant training for first responders.