Robert Barbera

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Facing Incidents/Disasters with FirstNet: Preparedness, Response and Recovery

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Robert Barbera

Deputy Commissioner
NYC Office of Technology & Innovation Public Safety and Emergency Management Division

Robert Barbera is the Deputy Commissioner for Public Safety and Emergency Management at the New York City Office of Technology and Innovation, delivering the cutting-edge, life-saving technologies that continue to keep New Yorkers safe. He is responsible for overall management of life-safety technologies and infrastructure supporting 9-1-1 services, the city’s public safety answering points (PSAP), citywide emergency communications, land mobile radio, and a broad range of advanced technologies leveraged by first responders.

In his role as Deputy Commissioner, Robert is spearheading the strategic development and implementation of many key initiatives, including: Next Generation 9-1-1 system and 9-1-1 Call Handling programs; unified Computer Aided Dispatch for police, fire, and EMS; resilient public safety mobility solutions; citywide public safety unmanned aerial systems / drone-as-first-responder technologies; numerous critical enhancements to Land Mobile Radio interoperability and tactical communications; key school safety initiatives; and the development of an advanced emergency management portfolio of deployable assets.

In his previous roles with NYC Public Safety, Robert led the implementation and launch of the city’s Text-to-911 program and the launch of the City’s highly advanced, purpose-built Public Safety Answering Center II (PSAC II). Prior to his role with New York City, over a 25-year period, Robert led many mission-critical programs serving public safety / 9-1-1, counterterrorism, critical healthcare, federal, and first responder sectors. Robert was part of Verizon’s response team tasked with restoration of critical communications and networks in lower Manhattan after 9/11 and worked to restore services to key financial institutions and critical law enforcement entities.

Robert is developing visionary strategies for advancing the use of technology to keep New Yorkers safe.