Bobby Gerlormine

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Using FirstNet COAMs and Agency-Driven Solutions to Improve Communications

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Bobby Gerlormine

Senior Planner
City of Chesapeake VA Office of Emergency Management

Bobby Gelormine is a Senior Planner in the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for the City of Chesapeake in Virginia. Bobby is responsible for operational efforts related to public safety, as well as overseeing multiple technological applications that the city uses for situational awareness. He also manages several grants for the city, related to homeland security. Bobby is also in charge updating and implementing various city emergency plans related to response and mitigation during and following a disaster. He has been a member of the Emergency Management team for the past seven years.
Prior to joining OEM full time, Bobby was a firefighter for the City of Chesapeake. He spent 10 years in the field assigned to some of the busiest stations in the city. He began his OEM career by working part time on his off-duty days as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordinator. This allowed Bobby to gain more in-depth knowledge of emergency management and how the field integrates with public safety.
Bobby was instrumental in getting the City of Chesapeake to become a FirstNet Community. He was the first to pilot the use of an FirstNet device, then advocating for public safety devices to be on FirstNet. Over the past few years, collaborating with the Department of Information Technology and public safety leaders, the City of Chesapeake strives to enhance its holistic approach to information sharing, with a focus on enhancing our new and existing goals, and the use of FirstNet helps paves the way with great cohesiveness. Bobby strives to serve as leader to push, advocate, and ensure FirstNet is responsive to the dynamic and ever-growing field of public safety and emergency management.